Electronic Cigarettes – What Makes them Healthier than their Traditional Counterparts?


While there was a time when all smokers smoked tobacco cigarettes to give fuel to their addiction of inhaling nicotine, times have changed with the invention of devices like the electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have different forms like hookahs and shisha pens and the user can inhale his favorite e-liquids which come in various attractive flavors. This is the reason why so many people these days are switching from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes.

V2 Cigs UK, a trustworthy online resource where you can get the best vape pens and vape mods, says that electronic cigarettes are the way to go and they’re here to stay for many more years. This is perhaps the only device which can assist a person to ditch smoking and get improved health. Here are few reasons why they’re healthy and safer than tobacco cigarettes.

#1: E-cigs never use tar or tobacco

The primary factor which makes electronic devices safer than tobacco cigarettes is the fact that the e-liquid doesn’t contain tar or tobacco. Not only is this true with just e-cigs but also with e-hookahs and shisha pens. It has been proved a number of times that tobacco has a bad impact on our health and hence it is always better to steer clear from tobacco. As e-liquids contain ingredients which are approved by the FDA, it is better to use them.

#2: E-cigarettes can help you save your dollars

If you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you’ll know that the cost of buying cigarettes is huge and if you could get an opportunity to save this amount, you could save a lot! Hence, it can be safely said that instead of buying tobacco cigarettes and spending a fortune behind them, it is better to make a one-time investment with your electronic cigarette and invest in it to lead a healthier life.

#3: E-liquids can be bought almost anywhere

When you start vaping electronic cigarettes, you will get e-liquids almost anywhere as electronic cigarettes have now become extremely familiar and popular. You can get e-liquids and e-cigs at majority of the gas stations and other convenience stores. Nevertheless, experts always recommend buying e-liquids online as the material that you receive is trustworthy enough and they are also cheaper.

#4: No swelling gums and yellow teeth

Frequent cigarette smokers are pretty familiar with yellow teeth and swelling of gums. It is not only unhealthy but also inconvenient and gross. E-cigs don’t use tobacco or nicotine and hence these problems are a thing of past with them.

Hence, if you wish to take good care of your health, make sure you switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs so that you can easily take care of your health.


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