Delray Beach Car Accident Statistics 2018 and the Stories Behind the Numbers


The roads of Delray Beach in 2018 proved to be deadlier than the previous year. Not less than 4 individuals lost their lives because of car accidents. Tens more suffer physical injuries and a lifetime of trauma. As for the families of those who lost their lives, it’s a year that they would soon want to erase from their memories. Here are some of the 2018 car accident statistics in Delray Beach and the stories behind these numbers.


This is the total number of individuals killed in a car accident in 2018 in Delray Beach, Florida. In 2017, there were only a total of 3 car accident-related deaths in the city. What is more unfortunate is the fact that these fatalities were in the same vehicle when the accident occurred.

A Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck was traveling southbound in the same direction as a Dodge Caravan on the evening of April 28th. The Caravan had 4 passengers that included 2 adults and 2 young children, aged 8 and 6 years old.

Initial reports say that the speeding Silverado swerved to a turning lane to avoid hitting a car in front. However, it slammed right into the rear end of the Caravan, pushing the vehicle onto the opposite lane. With both the Silverado and the Caravan now travelling towards the highway’s northbound lane, they hit a Buick Encore.

The driver and passenger of the Silverado pickup truck suffered serious physical injuries and were brought to a hospital. The two adults riding in the Buick Encore sustained minor injuries. Unfortunately, all four passengers in the Caravan died on the spot.

Subsequent reports say that the driver of the Silverado was “huffing” before the fatal crash. Toxicology reports also confirm the presence of Difluoroethane in the blood of the driver. Police also say that the Silverado was speeding at more than 100 MPH at the time it rear-ended the Caravan.

As of July 2018, the driver of the Silverado was charged with 4 counts each of vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter in addition to 3 counts of DUI with injury and/or property damage.


At least 6 people were injured in car accidents in Delray Beach in 2018. At least four of these were serious physical injuries and at least 6 had minor injuries.

Two of those with serious physical injuries were from the April 28 collision between a Silverado truck and a Caravan minivan. The other two were from the car crash that occurred at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Northeast 3rd on July the 15th. The vehicular accident involved a pickup truck and an SUV. The two passengers in the SUV sustained serious injuries while four of the 7 people in the truck had minor injuries.

There is another report of a vehicular accident on the southbound lane of State Road 7 on January 4. It is not clear, however, how many motorists suffered injuries or if there are any fatalities. The number of vehicles involved was also undetermined. What was clear is that the vehicle smashup resulted in a mile-long traffic jam between Pero Farms Road to Atlantic Avenue.


This is the minimum number of vehicles involved in car accidents in Delray Beach in 2018. It was the same number of vehicles involved in 2017. However, the figure could be higher because of the incomplete report on the vehicle smashup that occurred January 4th on State Road 7.

The car accident statistics for Delray Beach may look alarming. But if one has to compare it with the rest of South Florida, it is still a “conservative” figure. Regardless, the loss of lives can never be taken lightly.

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