The Definite Guide to Donate Your Car to Charity


Looking to donate your car to charity? Wondering if it would be a right decision? It is indeed a unique gesture if proceeded in the right manner.

No noble gesture ever gets wasted no matter how small the effort is. The intention to do something noble and great is all that counts in the end. Despite that being said, sometimes you might be thinking to make it big. What else can be more prolific than donating a car to charity? Car donation is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. Your donation not only helps improve the lives of people in and from foster care but also ensures that you receive a valuable tax deduction on donation. Even a few years ago, hardly a few people were aware of this donation idea to benefit on both sides of this contribution. Now the trend has changed a lot. Over the years, the noble gesture has become pretty popular across the USA. The person who donates their car to charity can enjoy an amount of taxable deduction and while the charity auctions off the donated car to raise fund for the children in need.

Many charities across the New Jersey has been quite dependent on car donation in order to raise fund for the kids less fortunate. Given the fact that many donors are willing to take part in this noble event, numerous car donation processing companies have started to satisfy the automotive landscape, giving way to multiple options for charities and donors alike. Some people tend to think that this type of donation is nothing but a mere a tax shelter. However, this is not altogether true as there are many non-profit organizations that mostly rely on the revenue collected from car donation. They often organize car donation programs to raise the fund for many unprivileged children. While some processing companies collect and sell the donated cars and distribute the money to a charity, many get their donation processed through auction companies.

So, why are you waiting for? If you have a car which you are no longer using, you can consider donating it to charity. The following guide will be of help if you want to donate car New Jersey in the right manner.

What can you donate?

There are indeed lots of things you can donate to charity. However, choose a right company that accepts many other items other than car. For example, there are many donation processing companies that accept boats, RVs, travel trailers, fleet vehicles and even real estate.

Check whether the car donation tax deductible:

Car donation is more than a donation. It is aimed to serve on both the charity and donors alike. Make sure that the company you will choose must work with the charitable organizations that are 501(c) [3] classified and all the donations to these organizations are tax deductible.

How can you go about the car donation process?

The popular adage “no pain no gain” does not apply to car donation effort since it is quite a simple task if you manage to handle the process following proper guidelines. Make sure that you have all the title papers ready before you donate a car New Jersey to the charity. If you don’t have, call the company whom you are dealing with anyway. They will take care of the rest of the arrangements without delay. Secondly, many companies allow the donors to contact them by filling out their online vehicle donation form or call them straightway. You won’t have to worry about the pick up. They will schedule it conveniently.

What kind of cars you can donate:

Different agencies have different policies regarding accepting any car. While some choose to accept only those cars that can be used anyway, many accept any kind of cars no matter whatever condition they are in. Make sure that you deal with a company that accepts car in any condition. There are many charity organizations that accept vehicles even if they don’t operate.

Check out how they determine the value of the car:

According to the IRS rule, you are entitled to claim a tax deduction on a donated vehicle only if the selling price at auction amount for more than $500. The donation processing companies make sure that you get the tax deduction benefit if your donation is valued above $500.

How will the car be picked up?

Make sure that the company should pick up your car within a few days. If you need your car picked up sooner, simply call your agency or company, they will make all the arrangements. If your company refuses to pick it up, simply switch to another company. There is no point in picking it up all by yourself.

Don’t hesitate asking them how the fund will be used to charity. You have the full right to know where this fund will go to. The trusted company will give you all necessary details and information about the charity. So get all the paper work and necessary documents done before you donate your car New Jersey to charity. The company will cooperate you in the process for sure.


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