Controlled Demolition-Definition And Its Features.


What is the Controlled Demolition?

Controlled demolition includes a series of actions undertaken in an orderly manner to destroy a structure and meet a specialized goal. It is certain that the whole process is full of noise since it includes the destruction of the entire building or just some part of it. But, in the controlled demolition, the experts make it sure that the surroundings to that particular structure are not affected much.

It also produces debris which should be cleaned properly. Also, such work involves greater safety concerns as it can prove hazardous to the workers.

It is important to clear this out that the controlled demolition does not include destruction of large-scale where bulldozers and explosives are used. Such traditional methods take time to crush the constructions. They are much more likely to cause accidents. It takes a lot of time to clear away the debris here. But, this is not the case with controlled demolition.

Techniques involved in controlled demolition

Few methods which are used here are mentioned in details below.

Brokk demolition

This is the remote controlled robotic machine which makes the work much easier. It is considered to be the most useful development in the construction industry. Looking at the many advantages of the Brokk demolition, the companies are coming forward to make use of this technology.

Features of Brokk demolition

In order to break concrete, the Brokk demolition technology is known to be the safest option till date.

It saves time and therefore, it is perfect for the dynamic nature of the job.

To curb air pollution, this method makes it sure that the process is done in an environment-friendly way.

Use of robots surely makes it more efficient. It is operated with the remote and the entire process is carried out by the robot. This makes it safe and easy to operate.

Looking at all the above mentioned characteristics, this process can be counted as the most effective one of all the times. It is quite difficult to carry out the work with the traditional machinery. Here, the Brokk demolition comes into the picture.

Concrete bursting or hydraulic Bursting

When the large structure of concrete needs to be destroyed, the hydraulic busting looks more promising. Due to this, hydraulic Bursting is gaining popularity nowadays. The dangerous demolition processes are performed with the help of hydraulic Bursting. The old way of breaking large concrete is time-consuming and not so safe. This process is much easier than the traditional ones.

Brokk demolition

Uses of hydraulic Bursting

It is used to demolish the concrete of different strengths and dimensions like foundations, pillars, floors, walls, bridges, dams, beams, nuclear power stations and others. In order to get the most out of this process, it is better to use it against brickwork, concrete, natural stone etc.

Advantages of Hydraulic Bursting

Reduction in noise pollution

There are some areas where noise is restricted. In such a condition, when the demolition work is conducted then hydraulic bursting is the first choice for the professionals.

Reduction in the vibration

Since the vibration does not occur in such a process, there is a very little risk of injuries among the construction workers. This makes it safe and comfortable.

Used in large structures

There are many advanced tools which are used for the demolition but at times, even they do not work. The reason can be the strong and big concrete structure. Here, Hydraulic Bursting comes to the rescue. It helps in turning the large concrete structures into smaller chunks.

A dust free method

The hydraulic bursting does not demolish the concrete but it cracks it. This lowers down dust production making the entire process clean. So, the air pollution is controlled this way.

When space is restricted

This method works well even if space is an issue. The machines used here require petrol, diesel or are electric. Here, fewer workers are required to carry on the process. Also, many times, quiet equipment are used for lower noise pollution.

There are companies online that conduct such demolition projects in the safe and secure way. Whatever the requirement is, they provide good service. They conduct the proper survey to know better about the type of structure needed to be demolished.


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