Companionship Services For Your Loved One Suffering From Dementia


While we all want to be able to spend time looking after loved ones who are suffering or elderly, it is not always possible to give as much time as we can. Many people lead busy working lives, coupled with equally busy home lives where the family needs attention, and while they do give as much time as possible to care for their family members who are ill, it’s not enough. This is particularly true when it comes to dementia, a condition that is utterly debilitating, and one that can be heart-breaking to see.

Dementia is not one disease, but a term that applies to many different ailments. Each of these affects the general operation of the brain, by continually killing off the brain cells. The result is that the patient can become disorientated, unable to function properly, and may be very confused at times about their whereabouts and more.

Yet, at other times, dementia sufferers can seem perfectly normal; the condition is progressive and does not necessarily follow a set course. Fortunately, there is plenty of help available in the form of home care services – professionally trained and qualified carers who known how to work with dementia patients – so let’s talk about the benefits.

Why Choose Home Care?

The simple fact is that dementia sufferers need regular daily care. They may not be able to handle the usual routines that we all go through. There is always the option to put them in a care home, where they will be looked after without doubt, but many people prefer to remain in their own home, where they feel comfortable. It is also known that dementia sufferers cope better in surroundings where they are familiar, rather than having to cope with a new place of living.

In many cases, the care required is very much one to one companionship. Keeping dementia patients alert and aware is part of the care package provided by experts such as those at Care For Me Homecare Ltd, a leading provider of home care services and solutions in Ireland, as is stimulating them to be more aware, and to try and use the brain more readily. Expert carers with experience in dementia care will be able to provide daily companionship for your loved one, and help them enjoy a more fulfilling life over the years.

Dignity and Care

Dementia is a condition in which the sufferer often is not fully aware of what is going on around them. It is not uncommon, for example, for their to be occasions when they will not recognise those closest to them. This can be distressing for the individuals concerned. Also, they may believe they are in a different time, perhaps somewhere in their past, or a different place, as they are not aware of their surroundings. Care For Me Homecare has highly experienced carers who understand that there is a need for protecting the dignity of dementia sufferers, and who have the expertise to know how to handle every situation.

For people with families, it is a major benefit to know that there are experts looking after your ailing parent, grandparent or other loved one, even if what they require is simple companionship for a short time on a daily basis. Care For Me Homecare will offer you an initial consultation and get to know the patient and the state they are at with the disease, and will draw up a carefully considered care plan for the patient. If you are struggling to look after a dementia patient, give them a call now, and you’ll find they can help you relax, and make your loved one’s life more enjoyable.


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