Clarification of Child Abuse


As the important advocacy for protecting our children from abuse in the United States, SPCC 1) has taken a firm stand against child abuse. The resources and the data that the advocacy freely shares is provided without charge, and it is supported by donations. SPCC is also very committed to educating the public about child abuse.

The Disturbing Child Abuse Referral Reports Highlight The Problem

The following information is an unfortunate commentary on the mistreatment, abuse, and the lack of respect for children. The SPCC has received maltreatment referral reports that involve the maltreatment of 4.1 plus million children, and abuse reports that cover over 7.4 million children. It may seem difficult for most people to comprehend, but in far too many circumstances, these child abuse cases involve some family members.

Criminal Behavior

In addition to the fact that things involving child abuse have increased, the SPCC has evidence of a connection between criminal behavior and child abuse.

For example, within the USA, 13 plus percent of all men in prison, and 35 plus percent of all women in prisonwere abused as children. These figures are about twice the frequency that is reported within the general population.

There is a connection. Unfortunately, children who experience neglect and child abuse are much more likely to become involved in criminal activity.

According to several conversations that we had with a priest sexual abuse attorney, this entire situation of child abuse and neglect by parents and family members becomes even more complicated with the involvement of sexual abuse from priests.

It Is Not Just Priests From The Roman Catholic Church

There is a belief for many people about child sex abuse and priests from the Roman Catholic Church. You have probably read about this problem many times in the newspaper and seen it on television.

This belief is not based on reality. For example, when the topic of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests came up in our conversation with the priest sexual abuse attorney. He explained in detail that there is the same type of sexually abusive behavior with children that takes place in different denominations. To cite an example, this includes the Episcopal Church, and the Baptists Church, among others.

It’s important to be mindful of activities that children are involved with even at church. For example, at one beautiful Episcopal church, a member worked with boys and their basketball team. She wanted to introduce the boys to the parish and invite them to play with the basketball hoops and equipment in the parking lot.

The senior warden gently approached her and explained that the priest was up for child abuse charges, and the vestry was working with the lawyer for the Cathedral to remove him.


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