Choosing From The Best Electric Guitars Under 300


Whether you’ve decided to buy your first guitar so you can learn to play or you are just looking to replace your old guitar, buying any musical instrument should not be something that is taken lightly. You want something that you love, something that is comfortable and easy to hold, something that is appealing to look at, something that is impressive to your audience and, of course, something that doesn’t break the bank. The best electric guitars under 300 are not necessarily cheaply made. You can find an inexpensive guitar that is just as good as the most expensive ones.

Play The Guitar Before You Buy

If you are just thinking about starting to play the guitar, you might want to try out a few before you make a purchase. Perhaps your friends play guitar or you have an afternoon available to sit in a store and try out guitars. Just tell the salesperson what you would like to accomplish with your new guitar, what type of music you would likely to play and whether you are left or right-handed and they will help you choose the best one for your needs. The salespeople in music stores usually play instruments themselves and they usually try out all the guitars in stock so they have a good idea what you are looking for. If you find one you like, don’t buy it right away. Shop around. Go to all the stores in your town or city and try out many guitars before settling on one. Take a knowledgeable friend with you if you think that might help you make a more informed decision.

While you are shopping around, you will likely see many guitars with high price tags on them. A guitar with a selling price of 2000 dollars is not unheard of and you may become tempted to think that buying a guitar for that much is a wise investment. It must be good if it costs that much, right? Not necessarily true, especially for a beginner. Start small when first starting out. These expensive guitars are no doubt high-end with lots of extra perks, but these features will not be of interest to someone who is just starting out. It takes a while to become seasoned enough of a player to move onto higher end instruments. A basic guitar for a low price will deliver all the features you need to start playing.

Buy Your Guitar Locally – Many Under $300 Options

If you already play guitar and are just looking to replace the one you have, you are best to look at the best electric guitars under $300 that are available in the shops around your town or city. Just because you are upgrading or advancing in your guitar playing, that doesn’t mean you need to pay an extravagant amount of money. Many inexpensive instruments have added features and are just as good quality as more expensive ones. Be sure to do some research online and ask around for suggestions on some brands that offers good inexpensive guitars. Again, even as a seasoned player, you can benefit from trying out all different types of guitars in-store and from asking salespeople for advice.

Some Good Under $300 Electric Guitar Options

  • Epiphone Les Paul
  • Yamaha Pacifica
  • various Ibanez models
  • Jackson JS32 Dinky
  • Fender Squier Stratocaster or Telecaster

Buying a guitar is a big investment and you want something that will be exactly what you want in every way possible. This is why you should not rush the purchase and should do as much research as you can beforehand. A musical instrument can bring years or enjoyment to you and your family and friends whether you play professionally or just at family gatherings. Being able to create music for the enjoyment of others is a great accomplishment. And the start of that accomplishment is in securing an instrument that allows you to comfortably and enjoyably accomplish your goals.

The main goal when buying any musical product should be on quality and preference but that doesn’t mean price should not be a big defining factor too. Some guitars are just inexpensive to begin with while others are costly but tend to go on sale throughout the year. Watch for sales before making a purchase. Saving money on your main purchase will also allow you to have extra spending money left over to buy other fun and creative accessories such as music books, cases, pedals and tuners and other gadgets that can change your sound and allow you to advance in your personal playing game.


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