How To Choose A Ride-On Mower


Mowing the lawn is a job that you’ll have to do pretty often if you want to keep it looking neat and tidy, and it’s a job that can be quite satisfying to complete. Everyone loves the look and smell of freshly cut grass!

Ride-on mowers are a great way to make mowing the lawn more fun! They’ll also mean that it takes considerably less time and that you won’t have to push a standard mower around, which can cause back pain over time.

The question is, how do you choose the right mower for you?

Types of mowers

According to Cub Cadet, who are experts in ride-on mowers, there are four main types of mower for you to think about when considering your options:

Lawn tractors

These are the smallest type of ride-on mower that you can get, which makes them great for smaller lawns, and for people who don’t have a huge amount of space to store them in.

Garden tractors

Garden tractors are bigger and more powerful than lawn tractors, which makes them great for power-intensive work such as ploughing. They are heavier than lawn tractors—which affects maneuvrability, but it does mean that they are better on hills.

Zero-turn mowers

These mowers are designed for maneuvrability, which makes them perfect for gardens that have a lot of obstacles—such as trees, shrubs, and borders—to steer around. They come in a range of sizes, so you will be able to fit one that’s right for you even if you have a particularly large or small yard.

Electric mowers

Ride-on mowers are available with either gas or electric fuel. Electric mowers are generally quieter, emit less pollution, and need less maintenance than gas mowers, which can make them a great option. They will generally be able to run for around an hour between charges, which should be perfect for most lawns.

Do you need any extras?

Once you know your size and steering requirements, it’s worth thinking about whether you require more from your mower than just cutting the grass.

You can buy mowers that also act as snow blowers, helping you to keep your lawn and pathways free from snow during the winter months so that it’s safe to walk around your property. Using a snow blower is much better for the health of your lawn than using salt to remove snow, because the salt will alter the pH levels of your soil and could also damage your lawn.

You can also use some mowers as leaf blowers, which will help to keep your lawn free from leaves so that it’s not totally blocked from the sun.

Finally, some mowers will automatically mulch the cut grass for you, which you can use to improve your lawn. When you spread mulch it helps the soil to retain moisture, which will help the grass to stay healthy. Mulch will also act as a protective layer, therefore preventing sun damage and helping to keep birds from pecking at grass seed.


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