Guide To Choose the Best Real Estate Agent


There is a great ignorance about the figure of the real estate agent. The popular belief is that his work is that of a mere mediator that helps the seller and buyer to sell / buy / rent a property in exchange for a commission and that all use the same protocol of action to get a sale. This belief, quite widespread, is largely due to the fact that in the sector there are many professionals who lack the necessary skills in this profession, such as communication skills, empathy, security; as well as the necessary academic knowledge. Such is the discredit that sometimes suffers the profession, that many people believe that without the presence of the real estate agent, the sale would be much faster and smoother.

Undoubtedly, any of these beliefs cannot be further from reality, and whoever considers that the role of the realtor is this will never choose a real estate consultant.

The factors that lead a salesperson to choose a Real estate advisor like Larry Weltman Toronto instead of another are many and varied, from the nearest real estate to those that give them an unrealistic value for their home. And it is that, often, when a proprietor hears what he wants to hear, he does not bother to consult with another professional of the sector. And that’s when he makes a big mistake, because the price argument does not convey anything of the agent’s ability to advise him in the sale of his house.

Tips for choosing the best real estate consultant

The advisable thing is to consult a realtor like Larry Weltman who has vast knowledge and has deep experience in of the whole buying and selling a house or a property and besides that they guide them to what price they must put their property, to ask him intelligent questions type:

  • How many years have you been in the sector?
  • Do you have a database of active buyers?
  • Do you attend training regularly?
  • Do you have a marketing plan for the sale and purchase of home?
  • Is it associated with an MLS?
  • How many property or houses did you sold last year?
  • Of the ones sold, what was the starting price and what was the agreed price for sale?
  • Average time to sell a property?
  • Percentage of real estate sold?

All these questions what transmits to us is the performance of the agent and his abilities at the time of obtaining the best price for his house, in the best conditions and in the smaller possible time. But apart from these questions, it is important to do a little research work. How? Asking references to former clients to tell their experience.

And of course, you must not forget your own perception of the agent. That is to say, if in the first contact you have felt well attended, understood, has given you security, etc.

The combination of all these sources of information will help us to obtain a more global vision of the skills of the professional and thus be able to make the best decision.


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