Difference between Chew Resistant and Chew Proof Dog Beds


You are confused about the difference between Chew Resistant and Chew Proof Dog Beds, no?

I was also confused at the very first buying of my pet dog bed.

Then I did google and found a little bit information about the confusion.

Now I’m listing down my researched knowledge all together with you through this article.

Let’s vanish the confusion and grab the perfect one.

When you are covering up with your dog’s chewing habit, you come across some supportive tricks and gadgets that help you.

It is essential having a bed for your dog that is not chewable. It is the comfort zone of your dog where all the tear and chewing starts or reach to the peak. In this manner the chew resistant and chew proof dog beds are equally helpful for you.

Material and manufacture

The significant difference in the Chew Resistant dog beds if about the material that has been used in them. Most of the chew resistant dog beds come up with a little flexible and durable stuff that lasts for a long time but not a tear-proof. This material is designed to give the dogs a tough time with chewing challenge and resist the destruction. While the chew proof dog beds are manufactured with the material that not only resist but fight back, it is made of hard and reliable material that won’t get tear apart. You will find it stronger against the dog.

Purpose of serving

Another difference in both of these types is the purpose of use. It is highly recommended if your dog is undergoing some specific training and have improved the chewing habits then chew resistant dog beds are a good option that you have. By adding on some of the chew toys to the bed settings, you can let the dog busy with multiple targets at a time.

Resistance for time

It is important to identify before purchasing the dog bed chew proof or chew resistant you need to identify whether you are getting it for little time or the long run. To have the resistance for a time, pick up the best chew resistant dog beds range and get the one suit you. For the dogs with moderate chewing habit, the chew resistant dog beds are ideal and helpful. But, in case of the dogs with extreme chewing conditions, it’s a not so reliable option.

Covering the whole damage

In case of going forward with the more reliable and stable option, it is best to go for the tear-proof dog bed. It will be a long-term one-time investment that will pay off for a long time. You don’t have to get a new bed for a long time and can enjoy a good time. Moreover, there is no much maintenance required for the bed.

The difference in cost line

You will get a huge cost difference in both bed options. The chew resistant dog beds come with a reduced price range in comparison to the chew proof beds. You have to consider the budget before making the final decision. Don’t forget to check the warranty and other details of the bed before purchase as many of the companies use the tags of chew proof on chew resistant beds to make more money.

Bottom line

It is right to conclude that the chew resistant dog beds are something that helps you to keep your dog busy with one furniture part at a time. The chew proof dog beds are the special ones designed to sustain against the dog. It’s you who need to decide which bed suits your dog regarding chewing habits. You can get more options out there but have to be persistent with your need for the dog beds.


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