Is CBD Oil Safe and Effective?


Ever since states in the USA have legalized medical marijuana, CBD oil has become a hot topic, especially in the world of health. You may believe that anything extracted from marijuana will cause you to feel high. Thankfully, this is not true for CBD oil. Although CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant, it does not have any psychoactive effects on you. On the contrary, CBD oil has been proved to be highly effective in treating a wide array of medical issues such as anxiety, inflammation, and epileptic seizures. CBD oil is also helpful in treating insomnia in many users.

It is good for you to not that CBD is legalized in 30 different states in the USA. This means that recreational and medical marijuana are legal in these states. On the other hand, there are 17 other states that have certain CBD specific laws on their books. These states include Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Missouri, to name a few.

Scientific Proof to Support the Benefits of CBD Oil For Treating Epilepsy

It is true that CBD oil has plenty of health benefits. However, one specific benefit of the oil in treating epilepsy has sufficient scientific proof to support the fact. However, when it comes to other uses of the oil, there are too little evidence to support the benefits. There have been several human trials that prove CBD oil may be a highly effective product when it comes to treating various symptoms of anxiety, especially social anxiety. Although the clinical trials on adults are there to prove the effectiveness of CBD in treating anxiety, the number of such trials is much lower than those studies for epilepsy treatment on children.

Several Uses Still Unproven

There are several other health benefits of CBD oil such as antidepressant, sleep aid, and antipsychotic that have been sufficiently tested in animals. However, when it comes to the number of human trials, it is very low. Most of such human trials have either been studies or case reports that were not compared to the results of a group of people that never used the oil. There have also been concerns regarding the quality of the CBD oil that are produced along with the possible side effects.

Lack of Proper Regulation Also a Major Problem

Due to the legally murky nature of marijuana, several products such as CBD oil is still not regulated by the FDA. Although there are several states that are trying to bring about a regulation for such products, most of them do not have deep enough pockets of the federal government. There was also a study in the recent past that proved that out of 10 CBD products, almost 7 did not have the promised quantity of CBD as mentioned on the label.

The market is almost flooded with various types of CBD products. If you are planning to start on such a product to cure your anxiety related issues, better be careful and choose one of the best.


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