Top 4 Causes Of Car Accidents In Las Vegas


Car accidents happen daily – nothing’s shocking in that. Las Vegas is not an exception in this matter. Car fatalities are as common there as in other parts of the USA. Furthermore, each year around 300 people die in fatal accidents in Nevada, while more than 1,000 suffer from severe injuries.

The government is trying to improve the situation, however, even with campaigns that are encouraging safe driving (such as Zero Fatalities) or the Highway Safety Performance Plan, the rate of car accidents is still very high. There are many reasons as to why car crashes happen, sometimes not even dependent on humans (for example bad weather).

It’s impossible to eliminate car accidents completely. However, knowing what most commonly causes car/truck accidents might prevent you from taking part in one and having to hire a Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is simply engaging in other activities while driving, which take your attention off the road. This is probably the most common cause of car accidents in Las Vegas – especially since the city has so much to offer in terms of scenery that it’s very easy to get distracted.

The most popular distractions that can lead to fatal accidents are:

  • Using your mobile phone – calling, texting
  • Focusing on GPS
  • Eating and drinking
  • Watching videos
  • Tuning the radio
  • Talking to other people in the vehicle

Distracted driving reportedly causes more than 3,500 accidents every year only in Nevada.

DUI Incidents

DUI (Driving Under Influence) continues to be one of the most common causes of car accidents not only in Las Vegas. Even though the officials have attempted to improve the situation by imposing stricter punishments on people who drive under the influence (e.g. drunk or high).

Of course, it’s impossible to avoid every person on the road that is driving under the influence, especially since in most cases, we don’t even know that the driver is drunk or high. However, you can protect yourself by paying close attention and looking for warning signs – for example, if someone is swerving between lanes.

Driving while drunk is linked to 30% of all accidents occurring in Nevada. Furthermore, every 53 minutes, someone in the US dies from a drunk-driving crash. Even though the statistics of DUI fatalities in Nevada are declining, the severity of it cannot be ignored.

Running Stop Signs And Red Lights

Stop signs should not be ignored – after all, there are there for a reason. However, many people don’t respect them. The police report that each year, more than 700,000 car fatalities are caused by the fact that someone didn’t stop at the ‘stop’ sign. Running a stop is punished in Nevada with a $1,000 fine and up to 4 points on your driving record – still, it doesn’t prevent people from doing so.

Another common cause of car accidents is running a red light. No matter what caused it (distraction, aggressive driving, inattention, speeding, etc.), running a red light creates a danger not only for you but for other road users.

Failure to Yield

Last but not least, when it comes to common causes of car accidents in Las Vegas is the inability to yield another’s right-of-way. Right-of-ways occur on intersections, left-hand turns, three-way intersection, four-way stops, yield signs, pedestrian crossings and stop signs.

Failing to yield costs lives of almost 25 people each year, and is a cause of around 6,500 car fatalities in total. To avoid making this mistake, you should get familiar with laws and regulations.


No matter how many years of experience behind the wheel you have, you have to keep in mind that sometimes it’s impossible to avoid a car accident. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to prevent it from happening, as a lot of times it depends not only on you but on other road users.

What you can do is respect the laws and regulations that are valid for the place you’re in. Also, it’s crucial to keep close attention to the road. Leave your phone on the backseat, ask someone to tune the radio, or eat and drink before getting behind the wheel. Keep safe not only yourself but your loved ones as well.


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