All You Need To Know About Capio Partners And How To Remove Them From Your Credit Report


Have you been receiving excessive calls from a company called Capio Partners? Have you received a notice from them regarding an unpaid medical bill? If so, you need to deal with this collection company as soon as possible.

Getting sick or having unexpected operations can be a bit pricey. Unfortunately, debt collection companies will then take advantage of this vulnerability from consumers like you. And receiving excessive phone calls and a threat of possible legal action only makes the situation worse. Worry no more; here’s how you can get rid of Capio Partners.

What Is Capio Partners?

Capio Partners is a medium-sized debt collection company originally founded in Texas. They are a real company and have become the largest healthcare debt purchaser in the United States.

Capio Partners specifically collects delinquent medical accounts. There is often a misunderstanding among consumers about their insurance companies’ coverage and instantly assume they owe nothing. This presumption will later pull your credit score down by as much as 100 points, creating a negative impact on your credit history.

But, before Capio Partners can pursue you for remaining debts, they must first notify the three major credit bureaus. After this is successfully done, Capio Partners will then list a collections account on your credit report. Those above are some of the reasons why you should get rid of Capio Partners immediately. Learn More by visiting Crediful so you can know how Capio Partners impacts you.

Complaints Against Capio Partners

Although Capio Partners have only been operating for 12 years, they already have hundreds of consumers file a complaint against them. Almost all of the complaints include harassing phone calls, inaccurate reporting, and failure to respond to debt validation requests.

On the one hand, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alone received about 700 complaints against Capio Partners. On the other, Better Business Bureau has received over 400 complaints for the past three years.

If Capio Partners is constantly harassing you, it’s time for you to file a complaint against them. Below is the extent of what debt collection agencies do to collect money from consumers like you. You have the FDCPA to protect you from these kinds of harassment. Use this knowledge to your advantage and report them to the authorities immediately.

  • Using obscene or profane language
  • Failing to state existing debt to the credit bureaus
  • Calling anytime before 8:00 AM and after 9:00 PM in your time zone
  • Calling you at work even if your employer prohibits them from doing so
  • Threatening you any legal charges

How To Remove Capio Partners From Your Credit Report

Having a low credit score and a bad credit history will hinder you from making any financial transaction in the future. Dealing with Capio Partners is such a hassle for people like you who have other responsibilities to look after. Provided below are some of the easy steps you can take to remove Capio Partners from your credit report:

1Ask For A Debt Validation

The amount of debt, collector’s name, and payment process should be enclosed in your request validation. All transactions made between you and the company should only be done through writing and be sent via certified mail.

You may want to include what concerns and questions you have in your letter. You can use all the information disclosed by the company to argue the charges placed against you. This process is done for you to ensure that you are paying what is due to you. It will be a waste on your part if you later find out that you are paying someone else’s debt.

2Work For A Settlement

If Capio Partners confirms that the debt under your name is valid, the next thing you need to do is to work for a settlement with them. Remember to only transact with them through writing. You have the option to pay the company in full or through a monthly plan.

Remember to ask for a pay-for-delete letter from Capio Partners. You should never send any amount of money without acquiring this letter. There is the possibility that Capio Partners will not proceed with what you agreed without any proof on hand.

3Seek Professional Help

Having a reputable credit repair company assist you is the best option available for you. As mentioned before, hundreds of complaints have been filed against Capio Partners before, and doing it alone may only cause complications on your part. A credit repair company has already fixed numerous credit accounts; it wouldn’t be a problem saving yours.


Getting rid of Capio Partners is a big hurdle to take upon alone. Being chased upon by debt collectors is a headache that no medicinal tablet can cure. But every process will be worth it once you fix this issue as early as possible. Just follow the suggested steps mentioned above, and you are off to a good finish.


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