8 Alternatives to Antidepressants


Did you know that almost 14% of American adults have taken antidepressants within the last month? With so many Americans struggling with depression and anxiety, it can be hard to find the right alternative medicine for you.

Struggling with depression but have an aversion to antidepressants?

Take a look at eight alternatives to antidepressants that might boost your mood today!

1SAM-e Supplements

Also known as S-adenosylmethionine, SAM-e is actually a naturally occurring compound in your body. That being said, it might be exactly what you need to cure depression. Known to improve the symptoms of depression, SAM-e supplements may be a great solution for most adults dealing with this mental disorder.

However, doctors don’t recommend that you try SAM-e if you suffer from:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • HIV
  • Parkinson’s disease

Pro tip: Be sure to contact your doctor before you try SAM-e supplements!

2St. John’s Wort Supplements

Although it’s known to make prior medications less efficient, St. John’s Wort may be an effective alternative antidepressant for you. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take St. John’s Wort if you are already on antidepressants, as it can lead to too much serotonin in your body.

Otherwise, this distinctive yellow flower has been a safe herbal medication for hundreds of years. Not only is it known to treat anxiety and depression, but it may also be a great long-term treatment as well, especially because it can positively impact:

On top of that, it is a totally natural antidepressant to try too!

3Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements

Incredibly enough, some fatty fishes like albacore or tuna contain a natural compound called omega-3 fatty acid. This can be a powerful component in the fight against anxiety and depression for both children and adults. However, if you’re not a big fan of fish, you still get enough omega-3 fatty acid in your blood to potentially boost your mood.

Fortunately for you, omega-3 fatty acids are always available in supplement form. Besides this, it’s important to consider that consuming omega-3 fatty acids may cause your stomach to feel upset.

But that’s not all. Other benefits of trying out omega-3 fatty acids include reduced inflammation too. On the other hand, trying out omega-3 fatty acids may result in blood-thinning or blood clotting disorders. That’s why you should talk to your doctor before you try adding this supplement to your routine.

4Lavender Aromatherapy

From improving your sleep to feel more relaxed, lavender aromatherapy might be another wonderful alternative to antidepressants for you. Besides improving your sleep, lavender is also celebrated for its ability to relax your body as well.

Not only that, but having a better sleep schedule may positively impact your mood in the morning too. In addition to this, experimenting with lavender aromatherapy is also a smart way to avoid the side effects that come with taking sleeping pills.

Although more research must be done on the subject, improving your sleep hygiene as well as adding lavender aromatherapy to your routine might be the perfect alternative to antidepressants for you.

55-HTP Supplements

Nicknamed 5-HTP, 5-hydroxytryptophan works by changing the levels of serotonin in your brain. Similar to antidepressants, 5-HTP might be able to help you find some relief from your depression symptoms as well.

Even though there needs to be more research on the effects of 5-HTP, it still may be an effective alternative to antidepressant medications. However, it’s crucial to know that 5-HTP may reduce the number of neurotransmitters in your brain too. Sadly, this could result in a worsened mood over time, so be aware of these side effects before you try this supplement.

6DHEA Supplements

Called DHEA for short, 5-Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormonal steroid that is produced by your adrenal glands. Surprisingly enough, DHEA may be just what you need to relieve mental health issues that stem from:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

On the flip side, DHEA is not recommended for those of you who suffer from blood sugar, cancer, and fertility issues. But as long as you don’t have any of these problems, you should be good to go.

7Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Besides natural supplementation, you may want to try cognitive behavioral therapy as well. This is especially useful if you are suffering from either severe or moderate depression. The best part is that you can potentially receive cognitive behavioral therapy without being prescribed antidepressants too.

Perks of signing up for cognitive behavioral therapy include everything from:

  • Understanding your behavior
  • Analyzing your thoughts
  • Overcoming negative thoughts

Whether you sign up for short or long-session courses, you should start seeing positive results within a couple of weeks!

8Interpersonal Therapy

When it comes to interpersonal therapy sessions, it’s all about focusing on your interactions with others around you. As a matter of fact, this antidepressant alternative can help you improve communication issues as well.

Structured in a similar way to cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy sessions are a fantastic way to improve your mood without antidepressants too.

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Amazing Alternatives to Antidepressants

Interested in a few amazing alternatives to antidepressants?

Luckily for you, we are here to help you out.

From SAM-e supplements to interpersonal therapy, there are so many ways to beat depression and anxiety without taking any unwanted medications.

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