5 Ways Essential Oils Can Change Your Life Today


Using the natural benefits of plants is not some new invention that we just discovered. In fact, humans have been known to take advantage of plans since the dawn of time. So what’s all this talk about essential oils and how they are changing modern medicine as we know it?

The reality is that essential oils are just a scientifically advanced way to taking advantage of what Mother Nature has already provided us. Now that we can discover what each part of each plant contains, we immediately know what we can use it for and how. This is essentially just a modern way to take healing with plants to the next level.

What is great about using essential oils is it gives everyone a chance to solve moderate medical issues without the need to paying the big pharmaceutical companies. With a little research, you can solve your own issues without spending so much money. That being said, we do not suggest that you try to diagnose any issue without the help of a licensed medical professional.

In other words, using essential oils is a game change in the medical industry. Here are 3 examples of common medical issues that could be resolved through their use:


Over half of us snore at least occasionally, waking our loved ones up all through the night. Snoring is caused by a blockage of your airway that is typically caused by a buildup of mucus. If you can get rid of the mucus then you can stop snoring. This is where essential oils come in!

Peppermint essential oil is a great way to help you stop snoring. You can mix just a few drops of oil into a glass of water and gargle it before bed every night. The peppermint essential oil will slow the production of mucus and reduce the inflammation of your mucus membranes.


Another great oil to try is Eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus is known as an effective decongestant and is especially effective if you believe that your snoring is due to allergies. You can purchase an essential oil diffuser and spread this oil through the air throughout the night. As you breathe it in, you will be delivering the medicine directly to the source of the problem.

Lack Of Sleep

Many of us suffer from having a hard time falling asleep. This can be because you have so much on your mind that you don’t feel tire, or because you simply have way too much energy to close your eyes. No matter what keeps you from sleeping, essential oils can help you.

Lavender essential oil is the most effective oil at helping people get some sleep. Lavender is known as one of the most relaxing scents around, and it is sure to help you drift off into your dreams. It doesn’t matter how awake you are, this oil can make you tired in to time!

One of the most effective ways to use Lavender oil is by adding it to a diffuser that runs through the night. This allows you to breathe it in and take advantage of its effects all through the night.

Another great way to use Lavender essential oil is to take a steamy bath that has 15 – 20 drops of oil mixed in. If the combination of a steamy bath and the scent of lavender doesn’t make you fall asleep, you must be broken!

Gout Pain

If you have ever suffered from gout pain, then you know that you are really looking for fast relief when it flairs up. Effectively applying the correct essential oils to the area can give you just that. They can do a great job of holding you over until the acid buildup starts to clear.

One way to treat gout pain is to soak you foot in a foot bath with lemongrass and wintergreen essential oils mixed in. Lemongrass is known to break down uric acid, the cause of goat, while wintergreen will reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


These days, cleaning your house is a matter or spreading toxic chemicals until they eat away at the stuff we don’t like and then wiping them up before they eat the stuff we do like. It seems like a very deadly game that we weren’t designed to be playing.

Luckily, you can use essential oils in cleaning all around you if you do a little research. A good example of this is mixing a few drops of lemon oil into hot water in a burnt pan. You will be amazed at how fast you will be able to scrub the pan clean when you are done.

Massage Lotion

If you are looking to make your own massage lotions, look no further. Take your favorite carrier oil and mix it with a few drops of different essential oils to help with all sorts of conditions. You can find oils that help with everything from knee pain to blood flow if you do your research.


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