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India is a blend of unique traditions, culture and many more fascinating segments that offer a great image. The historical significance of the country India makes it much more popular and there are several remarkable places that are worth of visiting around the country. Of all Indian states the state Gujarat owes its own significance in the history of the country and garbs the attention of people with various attractions. One such alluring site with a very great significance is the Laxmi Vilas Palace.  Located in Vadodara or Baroda in the colorful state Gujarat this palace is considered to be the pride of the region.

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  • The Laxmi Vila Palace is an architectural marvel that grabs the attention of the art lovers around the world. Previously served as the royal residence of the Gaekwad families this palace is an attractive castle in the country and is even the residence of the royal families of Vadodara.
  • Not just the interest of the national travelers, but this marvelous construction impresses international traveler. This palace is a master piece of artwork that allows one to enjoy the great art work and the architecture of the Gaekwad rulers.
  • Especially the construction is a blend of Indo Saracenic architecture and each and every particular of the palace is designed with great care. The whole construction reflects the richness of the culture and tradition of the royal family along with the lavish lifestyle.
  • The palace is one of the biggest complexes and it is even true that the whole building is four times larger than the famous Buckingham Palace. The European architecture and the stained glasses in the Belgium style add a special grace to the palace.
  • Along with the fine finishing of the construction one can even see the shinning chandeliers well maintained paintings, huge pillars, great flooring, stained glasses and many more that make the palace very special one from the rest.
  • The Durbar Hall of the palace is a very special part of the castle and is decorated with the remarkable pieces of paintings. The school of the royal children is now turned as a museum where people can see various goods and a great collection of the royal families.
  • Right now the royal accessories and the things used by the rulers, arms, and many other belongings are displayed in the museum where one can see the most fascinating paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.
  • The huge collections of the goods used by the Gaekwad families, weapons, sculptures are presented in the museum grabs the attention of people. Along with the museum one can see the rail engine along with a small zoo that is specially constructed for the children of the royal families.

Not just the marvelous collections in the museum, but the decorations of the palace amaze every visitor and the fountains and the greenery makes people enjoy seeing the location. So visiting this place becomes a memorable experience for people of all ages as the palace area is loaded with mesmerizing wonders.

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