Ten Ways to Lose Belly Fat at Home


Who doesn’t want to lose the Buddha Belly and all that extra fat? It’s no wonder how vexing it can be every time you try on new clothes. But fear not, we’ve got you all set! All you need is the tenacity and a whole new set of habits for you to feel good about yourself.

Here are ten ways to lose belly fat at home with minimal hassle;

  1. Be Motivated

The first and they foremost key tip to help yourself out of this morass is to muster up as much determination as you can to pull through this. Staying motivated is very important for all walks of life and this is no different. It might be hard at first, but you will find it no problem to get the hang of it, just do not give up. Your motivation and strength will be the principle driving force, properly channeling your focus, intensity and vigor because where there is a will, there is a way; and you know it.

  1. Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Well, that’s a given! Living by healthy eating habits, you’ll find it easy to maintain just the right weight and body. A win-win situation! According to nutritionists, overeating results in increased fat deposition, particularly around the abdominal region. Whatever you consume, devour it in smaller quantities that do not slow down the process of digestion. Also, make sure you fulfill your set-in-stone five servings a day. Adopt healthy eating habits to conquer every challenge in life like this one. Healthy eating will take you a long, long way, my friend! To lose weight, you obviously need to eat healthy, so make no compromise in that because your diet and habits will directly impact your body and therefore, your weight.

  1. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Performing cardio speeds up the burning of excess fats. Since you are exercising aerobically, your muscles are strengthened, not giving way to unwanted fats. However, in order to have the perfect toned, flat belly, you also need to lift weights and do squats, rather than crunches. Contrary to popular opinion, crunches do not burn fat off, in fact they only harden up the abdominal muscles, and are known to be the cause of excruciating back pain. On the other hand, squats help burn belly fat off by a rather indirect manner. Another great way to exercise is to make use of waist slimming belts. These belts come in all variety and have a high a very high demand in market. These belts speed up the process of fat burn off during exercise by causing profuse sweating. Waist slimming belts are easily available and not a hit on your budget. Just make sure you get one of good quality for better performance and results.

  1. Say No to Junk

Here’s a reality check for you, junk food is actually very slowly killing you. You read that right! Your favorite take-out menu  and that fast food take-away box has a very adverse effect on your body and your health. It not only is the root cause of obesity, but it also damages your liver, impairs the digestive process, encourages abnormality in brain function and causes diabetes as well as kidney problems. As if that’s not enough, it’s been proven to induce depression. There’s really nothing in your body not affected by junk food, so it is hard to cover all the grounds here, but you get the idea. So it’s high time you take a hard look at what you’re eating. Oh, and it deposits a lot of fat on your body.we don’t want that, not at all! So, hard and tempting as it might be, turn your face the other side when you see junk just about every where.

  1. Eat Healthy

The first thing to do is to say NO to processed food. Processed foods are no different than junk when it comes to damaging your body. Artificial flavorings, high index sugars like fructose and all those superabundant calories; all this is once again going to deposit more and more fats. Eating healthy ha tons and tons of benefits that would safeguard you in the long haul, increasing your life longevity.

Be vigilant enough to incorporate all the right proteins, veggies, fruits, carbs and fats. Yes, fats! Natural and unsaturated fat the likes of olive oil, fish oil, flax seeds and coconut oil speed up muscle contractions and burn off extra body fats. Eat lots of green veggies, including spinach and broccoli, that are full of fiber, but at the same time, have low traces of carbohydrates and calories.

  1. Eat More

Starving yourself would do you absolutely no good because your body tends to burn muscles in this scenario rather than fats. Eat in small but frequent quantities since you need to maintain body muscle and energy, encouraging fat loss. Starving or giving off up is the most fatal mistake people make when trying to lose weight. It only damages your health further. Besides, your body burn muscles natural energy stored are empty. So be smart!

  1. Consume More Fats and Less Carbs

Believe it or not, consuming fats actually helps in fat loss. Avoid Trans Fats that are often found in packaged items and margarines. However, food cooked in olive or coconut oil is very healthy and very nutritious.

Even though carbohydrates provide the major percentage of energy of our body, lowering your carb intake will definitely make your belly flatter. Avoid potatoes, pasta and breads at all costs.Lower your rice consumption because once again eating a lot of rice are carbohydrates you and your body really do not need/

  1. Get Good Sleep

Getting the right amount of shut-eye not only aids you in focusing your intensity, but it also boosts your metabolism. Consequently, your stomach and liver functions improve and digestion is carried out much more smoothly.

  1. Loosen Up

High stress levels trigger the secretion of the Stress Hormone into your bloodstream, which then increases appetite, thereby increasing abdominal fat deposition.

  1. Draw a Plan

Have a plan drawn up to keep both your diet and exercise patterns more organized. A solid plan at hand will reduce your stress, help you stay more relaxed and allow you to catch plentiful sleep.

There you go! These are the ten easy ways to lose belly at home with minimal hassle. Live by these basic rules and you’ll lose that belly fat in no time. Here’s to living healthy, safe and being confident. Cheers!



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