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If you are looking for the good internet in your area, then we recommend you try internet provided by Charter Spectrum cable. In this article we will give a full but a short review of each and everything in Charter Internet deals.

Quick overview:

  • Standard internet with speeds starting from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps.
  • 500,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots across the country for the internet experience on the-go (For Wi-Fi at home need extra fee).
  • Stream movies, TV shows, Play online games without any noticeable lagand enjoy your favorite music.
  • Browse the internet securely with security suite.
  • Connect multiple devices at the same time without affecting many of the broadband.
  • Download large filesas much as you want and stream as much as you want without worrying about the data caps.
  • Contract buyout (for 500$) if you are stuck with old contract.

According to FCC:

You will not dissatisfy after picking Charter Spectrum as the fastest cable internet provider in the US, according to FCC’s annual measurement report, Charter cable or Spectrum internet delivered faster download speeds than all of its rival service provider shere is the proof. Spectrum cable Internet download speed generally ranges from a minimum of 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps and upload speed goes from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps. The speed much more increased with Ultra and Giga packages. (Ulta giving: 120-400 Mbps& Giga giving: 940 Mbps)

The latency of spectrum internet is between 25 ms to 100 ms making the charter spectrum internet a solid choice for heavy downloading, gaming and streaming video. In fact, spectrum internet is US second largest cable internet provider with good user review in latency and internet speed, with the 88% speed matching the advertised speed and average latency is 29 milliseconds (according to FCC report 2017). According to common gamer folks speed test results, ping result score between 10 m/s to 70 m/s.


The standalone prices of the standard Spectrum Internet 44.99$ per month, the price of the Spectrum Ultra Internet is 69.99$ per month and Spectrum Giga Internet is 104.99$ per month. Note that if you are, you want to get a WiFi for home beside the free modem, you have to pay extra 5$ per month.If you bundle the internet with double play or triple play, then the price is 29.99$


The days of dealing with a slow, stuttering connection are a thing of the past as Spectrum Internet speeds take you places like never before. Enjoy new speeds that are 20X faster than standard DSL (calculated according to: 3Mbps DSL connection). Plenty of bandwidth is available for all of your devices to share simultaneously without any problem. Surf the web with high-speed Internet that won’t keep you down.In addition to keeping your computers safe from malware and privacy threats, Spectrum cable Internet packages include measures to protect your children as well with the easy to use parental controls which block access to specified content based on age, category, and time of day.


In conjunction with its appealing speeds, Spectrum cable internet allows users to enjoy many more features. Whether for entertainment, education or distraction, Spectrum Internet offers you the ability to have a go at it all. Update your social profiles and stay up-to-date with your friends online. Download files and documentation for work or school related projects. Spectrum Internet deals offer plans that include email accounts to cover everyone individually. Upload photos and videos for your friends and family to enjoy in other countries. Listen to music, stream videos, watch movies, play games, and enjoy everything that the web has to offer. For a small monthly fee (for Wi-Fi), get complete use of the 60 Mbps available to you all throughout your household. As one of the best Internet services available, the list of possibilities provided is nearly endless. We will discuss some of them below.

Spectrum Security Suite

Spectrum Security Suite Safeguard your system and personal information with antivirus and firewall protection that helps ward off viruses, hackers, and privacy threats.

10 E-Mail Accounts

With up to 10 email accounts included in your service, the whole family can have access to a personal account and emails.

Wi-Fi& hotspot

Get better speed and further range with more of your Internet enabled devices from home with Wi-Fi access. Adding up as a tit to tat, if you are a customer of the Spectrum cable internet then you will get to enjoy nation wide Hotspot internet on-the-go.So what are you waiting for? Visit us at: http://cableninternet.com/ now, and for more details call us on: 1-833-210-6226 to get the Spectrum internet today.

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