Immigration Ban from Trump makes people delete Uber App


Over the past few weeks, we can clearly see that Uber has been facing way too many issues from all corners of the world. It is going through its hard times and the hardships which it is undergoing are really tough. Recently the drivers went on a strike for around an hour in the JFK airport. They mentioned that they are protesting the order which has been passed by Donald Trump not allow people from 7 major Muslim countries.

The taxi drivers from New York City tweeted on Twitter about their protest in JFK airport around 6 PM to 7 PM Eastern Time. Meanwhile, Uber made another tweet, which stated that there wouldn’t be any surge pricing and people need to wait for a while until they get their ride. This was posted as a tweet on the social media platform of Twitter by the drivers who were on strike.

On a later not, Uber ended up apologizing, stating that it was not to restrict the fact of the drivers going on a strike. All they wanted to do is that they want the users to know about their service, which is active for the rides. The peak pricing was disabled to make sure that, the company is not trying to make any kind of profits through the demand; instead it wanted to help people out.

This one act of Uber has led to a different kind of consequences, the users ended up deleting the app from their phones. It is said that, when the local taxi drivers were on strike opposing the immigration ban, Uber should not have tweeted something of this kind. That itself has shown negligence from the officials of Uber and in turn, it felt like the company was trying to make a profit at this time when there was an active strike going to protest against Trump’s executive order.

From the moment Trump has passed the immigration ban of the Muslim countries. There have been different kinds of hashtags which have been doing the rounds, but one the hash tags which got the highest attention is #DeleteUber. People were not happy with the way Uber handled the particular situation of the strike which the regular taxi drivers conducted in the New York City to show their support for the Muslim people and their countries.

The only outcome which the people felt was, even in this kind of crisis, all Uber did was is to gain the attention of the people who would like to hail cabs to reach their respective destinations from the Airports. In fact, the trick which applied was really naïve enough to attract more customers. Stating that the peak pricing will not be applied for any of the rides even there is huge demand; indirectly it was a kind of endorsement for the company.

This particular act has enraged the people and they started to delete the app of Uber from their devices. They very much felt offended, as the company was not supporting the regular taxi drivers in the protest. Though the officials tweeted that, they were not against the drivers who are protesting. The damage has already been done and now it is going to be hard for them to revoke it back.

Drivers made a clear statement saying that they are together in this and would like to support their fellow neighboring countries. They are visiting America to have a peaceful stay and take back most unforgettable memories from this country. There are few, who move to different countries to earn a livelihood and this kind of act is not at all appreciable in any form on the social media platform of Facebook.

On the flip side, while all the drivers stood united against this inhumane act, Uber was trying to get the attention of the people with its new offer of not having the peak pricing. This led to something, which the officials at Uber would have never expected happening in real. Once the people read the tweet from Uber for providing rides, people started to delete their Uber accounts and uninstalling the app itself.

We can clearly say that it is going to be a complete downfall for the company in its business. It will definitely lose its users base, as the commoners are in support with the drivers who have protested against the ban from Trump’s order. The people started to take the screenshots and uploaded it on their social media accounts.

When a particular user opted to delete the account, there was a prompt message requesting the user to give them an opportunity to serve the user better. There was a text box available for people to enter the information for them to leave the app. One of the users, who opted on deleting the app, clearly stated that they messed up with not supporting the Muslim ban and they were on the wrong side of the court and was upgrading Lyft, which is the rival company for Uber.

The rival company of Uber responded to this particular act in a completely different way and it was indeed a heartwarming gesture. It stated that it would like to donate 1 million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union, as this particular civil rights group is against the Muslim ban. This act led to people upgrading themselves to Lyft and deleting Uber from their device.

In simple words, we can say that Uber has given way to its rival company to improve its business indeed. Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber gave a clear explanation for their teaming up with Trump. He stated that the company would be compensating all the drivers who have been affected, for the next 3 months, until the ban is active.

We cannot say after the clarification will people get back to Uber and start using its service. He also stated that he will be having an open conversation with President Trump about the ban which has been passed. Can we expect that the conversation which they are going to have will have a positive outcome? This is a question we all want to have a perfect and reasonable answer, no matter what.

It is said that, after this particular incident, the Uber is not letting the users delete their accounts. They never had a deletion process which is of an automatic kind and this is how it has been since the beginning. At present this has accelerated, as the request for deletion of account is on the rise. In the past, if a particular user wanted to delete an account, it needs to be done manually at Uber.

The requests started to increase on a large scale and we no other option, they had to create the automatic deletion process made available for the people. The user who wants to delete the account would receive a link to proceed on their email. This is to make sure that the spammers are not requesting for the deletion of the account.

If a user is unable to delete the account, that means there are credits left in the account, if they want to proceed, then they need to forego the credits. Another scenario is if the user drives for Uber, would they want to delete their driver account as well. These are the possible problems which the users might encounter when they are attempting to delete the account.

It is a clear point that Uber has made one of the biggest mistakes and it is repenting for it now. They have lost their potential riders who use their service on a regular basis. People have already deleted the accounts and application from their devices. It is going to get hard for the officials to get the users back and meanwhile we can expect that the Muslim ban gets ceased and people from Muslim countries are allowed to travel across countries without any restrictions. Let’s hope for the best outcome. Fingers crossed!!!

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