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tallinn old town

5 Places to Visit in Estonia

Estonia is a hidden gem of Northern Europe. Tourists come to enjoy a very unique local cuisine, medieval and beautiful architecture and various landscapes. Below you will find a guide to the 5 most visited…

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The 6 Best Beaches around El Nido

An island getaway in Palawan renowned for its white sandy beaches, vibrant display of coral gardens and gateway to other stunning islands, El Nido, Palawan had been dubbed as one of the best island escape…

tunnel of love

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine attracts many tourists from all over the world with its stunning landscapes, various outdoor activity points, cultural and religious memorials, architectural and park landmarks, amazing food and frank people. Being…


5 Must See Places in West India

Western India has a distinct charm and allure of its own, and includes important tourist areas. Western States of Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and the (Union) territories Daman and Diu are some popular tourist destinations of India. The…

Restaurants in chalsea

Dining and shopping in Chelsea, NYC

A remarkable and contemporary neighborhood, Chelsea is a cool combination of visual and artistic history. This charming place has a vibrant community held together by common institutions-houses of worship, schools, affordable housing units and popular…

visit Naples

5 Reasons to visit Naples

Are you thinking about traveling to the south of Italy and you are looking for at least 5 reasons to visit Naples? Then make sure you read this because, once you get to the end,…